I wonder,
if your world would end today

what would your legacy be?

What tales would
the people of tomorrow
tell about the you of yesterday?

Story Summary:

After a series of unusual circumstances a depressed high school drop-out is forced to attend one of the most prestigious institutions for higher magical learning in the world of Eorbe.

Aldor Academy of the Mundane and Magical Arts.

Here, she quickly finds out that she has to live together with four other students who each have their own reasons for coming to this school.

Some more sinister than the other.

What started as a desperate attempt to save her family might turn out to be something so much more when it becomes clear that her arrival may not be the product of a mere string of coincidences.

The more time she spends at this place the more she begins to realize that there may be even more threatening things than those who are hiding in the dark of the night.

After all…nothing is more dangerous than those shadows who have learned to live in the light.

When the lines between friend and foe, past and future, illusion and truth are starting to become blurred the harder it gets for her to stay safe.

In the end, only one option remains.

She has to find a way out.

She has to find a way to untangle herself from this twisted web she has gotten herself into before it will end with her remaining as nothing but a mere puppet on a string.

Before it will end up destroying her. 

That is..

…unless her own demons get to her first.

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Author’s Note

Hello, world.

It is a scary thing indeed to send one’s words out into the vast great unknown. But, alas here I am, and by some miraculous wonder, so are you. 

Pendulum Zero is a dark fantasy story whose idea first came to me in one of the most darkest periods of my life. Reading stories has always single handedly been the one thing that has kept me going during those times where I could find no relief in this world. When I felt like it wasn’t okay for me to exist in this world.

Books have always been my friends, my comfort, my relief, my safe haven.

If, by sharing Casey’s story, I might be able to provide even the slightest bit of one of those things for some soul out there in this universe of ours, the purpose for the creation of this project would have been fulfilled a million times over. 

The writings you will find on the pages of this website are but an attempt of trying to capture an undefinable journey of which even I am not sure yet where it is going.

But isn’t that how all great adventures begin? 

With lots of fear, a little bit of wonder, and immense amounts of uncertainty. 

There do is one thing I am certain of. One thing that all those dark nights have taught me. 

It wasn’t that walking in the darkness was the cause of my pain.


It was the fact that I was walking alone.

I realized that even the darkest of paths can become bearable if there is someone walking it with you.

As I said before I am not sure yet where this path, this journey will lead.

But hey, what do you say…

…why let’s not find out together? 

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